Bottle - Petit Verdot - 2022

This elegantly structured Petit Verdot retains the best of the grape. Deep ruby in color with complex, bountiful flavor. Its rigid tannin texture is firm with bright and lively acidity. Our winemaker enjoys the creative challenge involved in making a single varietal wine from this grape.

tasting notes

• blackberry • rose petals • cigar box • earth

pairs nicely with life®

• roasted rack of lamb • beef stew • spicy pork dishes • manchego cheese


clarksburg, CA


aged in medium-toast French oak barrels for 12 months


98 cases+7 bottles

Winemaker's Notes

Literally translated to “Little Green”, Petit Verdot is a grape varietal with particularly small berries and tends to produce a wine that exhibits “green” or herbaceous flavors in cool climates such as parts of France where it originated. However, with the warm climate on our West Coast in the US, we are able to attain optimal ripeness of this varietal and when ripened correctly, this wine is a stunner! This varietal has been utilized and thought of as a “blending grape” for many years often used to increase color and tannins in other wines but rarely found as a varietal wine until recently. Petit Verdot is now gaining popularity and recognition as a quality single varietal wine thanks to growing regions like California and Virginia. Unique with great structure and tannins, this wine serves as a wonderful alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon to add a bit of interest and diversity to your cellar.