Oak Chardonnay-2021

An opulent and satisfying Chardonnay. Unapologetic about its barrel-fermented fuller-bodied style, this wine is nimble enough to not overwhelm the palate. This can be compared to a bold Burgundy style at its very balanced and best. The palate is meringue-like in texture, sitting lightly in the mouth while melting into creamy richness. This is one of those wines that makes you want a second glass. Go ahead, we won't tell.

tasting notes

• yellow apple • creamy • apricot • toasted toffee

pairs nicely with life®

• pan-seared scallops • sea bass with fennel purée • hazelnut-crusted chicken


columbia valley, WA


aged sur lees in medium-toast french oak barrels for 7 months


107 cases