Our Wines

Three Hammers Winery provides an exceptional selection of refreshing, handcrafted, small-batch, and classically-styled wines. We pride ourselves on impeccable service and a commitment to quality from the farms and vineyards all the way to our tasting room. We secure outstanding grapes that produce wines of character and expression from vineyards in varied U.S. renowned appellations proven to grow. It is an approach that captures the “best fruit to make a great wine” and provides our winemakers with an unparalleled palette from which to blend each wine and vintage. Through these diverse sites and regions, we explore the differences between East Coast and West Coast appellations as well as the ways in which they complement one another.

All of our wines can only be purchased through our tasting room.
Direct shipping is available to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Minnesota and DC.

Grapes. patience. passion.

The ingredients that go into wine are simple. It's binging them together that's the tough part - but also the interesting part. Below is a step by step illustration of how a red wine comes to life.