Our Story

Proprietors Rob Kobrzynski and Christine Pucciarello, the husband and wife owners of Three Hammers Winery, both come from corporate backgrounds. Rob worked in advertising as a creative director and owned his own company for more than 25 years. Christine worked as a vice president of finance and operations; she is a highly motivated dynamic management professional with core strengths in leadership and organizational development. Rob’s design sense and experience with branding and marketing strategy was a natural fit for developing a winery experience. Rob, who also enjoys photography, captured all of the images seen on the wine and nature art prints throughout the winery. Christine’s business sense, managerial experience, and financial know-how made her an invaluable contributor to the success of the new winery. Christine also has an impeccable eye for interior design and decorating. A client once jokingly commented that Rob and Christine, “are the Chip and Joanna Gaines of the Poconos.” Their careful and detailed redesign of the farmhouse and their thoughtful transformation of the barn have created a place for relaxation and the appreciation of wine. Their enthusiasm for oenology and their travels through the wine regions of the world have inspired their vision and contributed to the creation of a memorable wine experience on a beautiful, natural, and historic property. Together, with their winemaking team, they lovingly create wonderfully balanced wines using the French and West Coast styles of winemaking.

Come meet some of their talented service staff and the creative winemakers of Three Hammers Winery who pour their heart and soul into each drop of delicious wine. Our people make the wine and create the experience.

our approach to winemaking

Winemaking is a craft that combines the skills of art and science. We aim to create something unique from an array of individual ingredients. It is that process and our attention to detail that is the source of quality.

A well-made wine will seamlessly balance fruit, acidity, oak nuances, alcohol and tannins. A great wine, however, will take all of that and then elevate the outcome by introducing additional characteristics to the mix–that unique complexity and those rich layers of intriguing flavors. We approach our process with the intention of crafting wines that incorporate all of these qualities. We are able to take our wines to this higher level because of something that we realized early on–paying attention to every detail in the vineyards that we partner with yields special nuances in the grapes that will become our wine.

Our hands-on approach and attention to the smallest of details–from vineyard partnerships, to barrel selection, through the bottling process results in a distinctly improved experience for those who partake of our wines. We wouldn’t have it any other way. It is our hope that you will find the soul and a sense of place in our Three Hammers wines, and that you will come to know us as crafters of wines with balance, complexity, and character. We want to keep you intrigued glass after glass, bottle after bottle, memory after memory.

why three hammers name?

We are extremely proud to serve as stewards of this piece of Pike County history and thought it would be appropriate to use an illustrated depiction of the farmhouse on our wine labels. It’s our way of paying respect and homage by naming our winery after the three brothers named Hammer, who built this beautiful home on this charming property. Even then, they knew that with the right tools, you can craft an experience.

history and the farmhouse

The farmhouse is the oldest known existing building in the township. It is a white clapboard house built in 1820 by Israel, Abel and Eli Hammers, three brothers belonging to the Society of Friends of Philadelphia. The original homestead included the present day structure plus a dam and saw mill. On the opposite side of route 590, adjacent to the West Falls Creek, the stonework from the saw mill is still visible. Locally, the house and grounds are known as Whitehall or Whitehall Corners. The present owners are the 8th family to own the home and property since 1820.

The farmhouse currently serves as our rental space and business offices. It is in the farmhouse that we host special meeting events and culinary food & wine pairings.